Sunday, October 16, 2011

colours - oh chentaku

oh chentaku

I checked , the stencils , were not good anymore
Touch my sky , swinging the sails were darker than i thought
If i could take your hand and i will kiss you right away
before i'm gone

Sit next to me , we don't need to anything

Flawless , perfection ,scarce our beautiful existance
Don't let it drag you to something that you're not
Remember , when we're still together
I've always loved you , i still do

I've been trying hard keeping these tears from falling down
face , writing this saddest song for you
I stayed in my room , packing things , but then i unlood them
Whishing that i could stay for just a little while

Ku duduk seorang , di dalam tangisan
kau jangan lupakan aku , ingat kenangan terindah

Dear , i'm writting letter to you
counting days and swing , i love you

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